1. 60+ songs and most, if not all, of them slap
  2. their 'girl of the month' debut concept is incredibly unique
  3. their fictional universe, the loonaverse, is both interesting and very cryptic
  4. their first award was an international award an ema, yeojin beat justin beiber as the youngest reciever of one
  5. supports gays
  6. the mv for heart attack being about a girl loving another girl
  7. heart attack being the most played song at seoul pride parade
  8. chuu revolutionised hand hearts
  9. 12 members means that there's probably at least one girl you can appreciate
  10. three units with different concepts allow for an interesting variety of styles
  11. can go from jazzy (ViViD) to cutesy(heart attack), to ballad (sonatine), to retro(rain 51db), to edgy (egoist)
  12. colour coded lyrics are easier because they all have their own colours
  13. almost all officially released content has english subs
  14. loona was put on a playlist by nasa
  15. elon musk, grimes and the lead writer of overwatch stan loona
  16. songs about uncommon topics in kpop, like consent (kiss later) and self love (egoist, one and only)
  17. relatable lyrics
  18. olivia hye is gamer representation, she likes bloodborne
  19. aesthetic as hell photoshoots
  20. all of the girls have stunning visuals in general
  21. vivi is an absolute legend who just randomly gave up her job as a model and moving from hong kong to korea while knowing no korean, to become a kpop idol for an unknown company.
  22. chuu and choerry's never ending brightness cheers you up
  23. jinsoul’s endearing stupidity

  24. jinsoul somehow does not have brain damage
  25. haseul having the strength to film with her bare legs out in the middle of iceland proves she's stronger than us marines
  26. loona tvs let us know what’s up with the girls and see what happens behind the scenes
  27. hyunjin is a furry
  28. heejin is talented not just at singing and dancing, but art too
  29. glitch aesthetic
  30. in general, they have very well composed, high-budget music videos and promo footage
  31. in general very high-budget, like 9.9 billion won high-budget (8,700,000 usd)
  32. somehow look good even in photoshoots with the most surreal, cursed, lo-fi vibes
  33. gorgeous live versions of four of their songs
  34. yeojin debuted at 14, but managed to still do remarkably well on her video/song
  35. extensive predebut content of yves, vivi and chuu mean there’s plenty more content out there after you've indulged in lots of the main content
  36. passionate fanbase means there's lots of people to talk to about them
  37. once held a competition to make the best loona memes, they encourage it for some reason
  38. album collections look incredibly satisfying