Proposal: Archives of Hyperlink Be Uploaded To Internet Archive

OwlMan, 21/July/18:

I propose that downloaded ZIP archives of Hyperlink should be uploaded to that of The Internet Archive, so if anything does go wrong or missing on Hyperlink, it can be recovered by anyone, and then restored.

This would not only help recover files deleted in error, but it would also dissuade people from mass deleting files, as they would know that there is already a back-up available.

Please also keep in mind that the archives would be public.


Please write what you think below...

Bobzilla, 21/July/18: upvore

Bobzilla, 21/July/18: woops meant to say upvote

Nikku4211, 21/July/18: I don't see why not.

hosma, 21/July/18: I'm down for it