What To Do After You Joined Hyperlink


Well done, you are now in Hyperlink (or you're just reading this for fun), but what should you do next?

Once you are a member, it is recommended that you stay in the Hyperlink Discord server, so that you can talk to other members, be kept up-to-date on news, events, and more. Because you are now a member, you should be given the password for the site, if not, then you should ask a member of Hyperlink, and they will message it too you via Discord's Private Message mode.

Once you have the password, you can now make your own sub-site on the Hyperlink website, simply go to the Hyperlink dashboard, and select the "New Folder" option, you can call this folder whatever you wish (within reason).

After you've added your own sub-site, you can edit the landing page so that it has your site on, you can edit the people on Hyperlink page also.

You are also free to write an article on yourself on the Penny's Pages wiki (also see this page).

Good luck, young Internet search astronaut!