(1/7/2003) finally a new update!
i finally updated my site! i removed the holiday gif and i turned the html guide into a text file so you can just copy and paste everything!

(12/20/2002) added icons next to the page links!
just a minor thing to make it look cool. credit to exosilver for the icons! check his site out! https://exosilver.neocities.org

(12/19/2002) happy holidays + new updates!
merry xmas! sorry for not updating in a while, i didn't have any ideas for new things. anyways, i added a custom scrollbar! i hope you like it! i also added a cool xmas gif made by floppyjay! you can find it below!

(12/6/2002) added a gifypet!
yes, another update today! to make up for the deletion of my chatroom, i made a gifypet! you can play with him if you scroll down a little! hope you enjoy!

(12/6/2002) removed the chatroom!
i removed the chatroom since it was inactive and spammed. i might re-add it with a different chat if you guys want. let me know in the guestbook!

(12/6/2002) made the guestbook a page!
the guestbook is now on the site instead of a free host and you can access it by pressing the sign guestbook button!

(12/5/2002) created a update archive!
like i promised, the update archive is here as a thank you for the 5000 views! the maximum of updates on the main page is now 4, the rest is in the archive! you can access it down below!

(12/2/2002) songs on site + 5000 views goal!
since i bought a geocities plan today, i decided to upload my songs on the site itself! before i bought the plan, i uploaded the songs on a file hosting site, but now that they are on the site itself, they should load faster! also, if we reach 5000 views, i will make a update archive!

(11/30/2002) added a chatroom!
decided to make a chatroom for everyone so we can all come together and talk about... everything you want!

(11/26/2002) added retro tunes and a guestbook!
more cool things for my site, heh. please give your opinion on my site in the guestbook!

(11/25/2002) added a damn counter and a view counter
decided to add these minor things to make my site cooler :P

(11/24/2002) hello im back!
it's been so long since i worked on this website! i promise to possibly release future updates :D

(6/12/2002) doom page created!
check it out! it's still a wip!

(6/8/2002) lego page created!
go check it out now!

(6/5/2002) epic plans for website!!
i'm planning on to do new stuff so stay tuned!

(6/2/2002) welcome to my new homepage!
i hope you like this new design!

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